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Becoming An Ally: Interrupting Name Calling and Bullying
This program, part of the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute, provides opportunities for educators and students to explore the harm of name-calling and bullying, and to develop a "Zero Indifference Approach" to such incidents.
Echoes and Reflections/Holocaust Education
Echoes and Reflections is a world-class multi-media curriculum on Holocaust education developed through a joint project between the Anti-Defamation League, Yad Vashem, and the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education.
Many Faces of Hate Film Series
The series is free to the public and features monthly documentary films dealing with a variety of manifestations of hate against a variety of groups with a moderated discussion to follow each month’s screening.
Echoes and Reflections Essay Contest
This contest, open to 7th through 12th graders, uses the Holocaust as a backdrop for students to explore the concept of moral courage. Students learn about individuals who have stood up against injustice and the impact of that decision.
Teacher Training Programs
Teacher Training Programs, part of the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute, are professional development programs that provide teachers and administrators with the skills and knowledge to build safe, respectful learning environments for all students.
Peer Education Programs
Peer Education programs, part of the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute, prepare middle and high school students to work with their peers and younger students to confront bias and prejudice in their schools and communities.
Confronting Anti-Semitism
The Anti-Defamation League's newly updated Confronting Anti-Semitism Program provides Jewish youth, their families, and other community members with essential tools and resources to recognize and respond to anti-Semitism in all its forms, including cyberbullying.
The Arizona Regional office provides ADL's highly acclaimed anti-bias education programs to schools and students around the state, ranging from pre-school through high school.
Trickery, Trolling and Threats: Understanding & Addressing Cyberbullying
These workshops for students, educators, and parents are part of the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute and designed to increase awareness about the unique features and impact of harassment and hate on the Internet. Although cyberbullying affects almost half of all U.S. teens, schools are often unsure how to respond to these activities.
Bearing Witness™
The Arizona Region was the first to regionalize this formerly national program, a partnership between ADL and the Catholic Church. Bearing Witness™ allows Catholic school teachers to explore the history of the relationship between Catholics and Jews.
No Place for Hate® Logo No Place for Hate®
ADL’s No Place for Hate® initiative provides an organizing framework for combating bias, bullying and hatred, leading to long-term solutions to create and maintain a positive school culture. It provides a unique opportunity to empower students, faculty, administration and family members to take a stand against hate and bullying by incorporating new and existing programs under one empowering message.
Law Enforcement Trainings
ADL works with law enforcement agencies throughout the state to administer trainings for groups and individual officers about hate crimes and extremist activity.
Glass Leadership Institute
This 8 month long leadership program was created to involve young leaders, who are committed to ADL’s mission “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people …to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” The program is meant to educate participants about the substantive issues of ADL’s agenda and mission in hopes to develop a cadre of leaders who will be effective advocates on behalf of ADL in their communities and beyond.

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