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The Glass Leadership Institute (GLI)
GLI is ADL's premier leadership training program for young professionals to expand their knowledge about ADL's work and our mission to fight anti-Semitism and discrimination of all kinds. GLI prepares leaders to be effective advocates on behalf of civil rights and the organization throughout Northern California
Identification & Recognition of Hate-Motivated Behavior
This 4-8 hour interactive program is team-taught by a lawyer and an educator. Participants gain practical tools to assist in determining whether an incident is hate-motivated and receive current information about hate crimes and hate behavior in schools.
Becoming an Ally: Interrupting Name Calling and Bullying
This workshop for students, teachers, or administrators assess the school’s effectiveness at addressing name-calling and bullying behaviors, helps kids acquire the techniques for combating acts of bias, bullying and name-calling. Students can also share concerns, brainstorm responses, and develop action plans to address these behaviors.
Peer Training Workshops for High School Students
Created specifically to address the concerns of young adults, the peer training workshops give them the skills to stand up against hatred and intolerance in their communities.
Parent and Community Workshops
These workshops are an essential element for community anti-bias programs to be effective. Participants gain an understanding of prejudice and discrimination and the harms they inflict upon individuals and communities.
Echoes and Reflections
This Workshop and Curriculum on Teaching the Holocaust is specially developed by the Anti-Defamation League, the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, and Yad Vashem. It includes everything an educator needs to teach the complex issues of the Holocaust.
A Classroom of Difference™ Teacher Workshop
This workshop for educators is designed to address diversity issues in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade school communities. Programs include anti-bias curriculum that provides teachers with lessons to help students: explore prejudice and bigotry, improve critical thinking skills, examine diverse viewpoints and take leadership roles.
Is the anti-bias and diversity education division of the ADL. The Institute provides training and materials for educators, students, families, and community leaders to counter prejudice and promote positive human relations.
Trickery, Trolling and Threats: Understanding & Addressing Cyberbullying
This program is designed to increase awareness about the unique features and impact of cyberbullying. Teachers, administrators, and support personnel learn strategies for empowering students to respond to cyberbullying, increase their understanding and awareness of the problem and explore the connections between cyberbullying, bias-motivated behavior and online hate activities.

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