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Israel Advocacy
In response to increased anti-Israel activism in recent years, the Connecticut Regional Office has been actively involved in efforts to advocate on behalf of Israel throughout the state.
Protecting Civil Rights
The Connecticut Regional Office is the "911" for individuals who believe they are experiencing discrimination or are concerned about possible civil rights violations. Advocating on behalf of fair treatment for all, ADL works to ensure our communities remain safe and free from intimidation and harassment.
Confronting Anti-Semitism
Each year the Connecticut Regional Office provides 20 to 25 workshops led by a team of professional facilitators and teen trainers reaching over 1000 Jewish teens, parents and educators throughout the state. The program, for Jewish middle and high school students and their families, both defines the problem of anti-Semitism in its many forms on a local, national and global basis and offers strategies for handling incidents and becoming an ally to those who are targeted and provides a forum for dialogue.
Government Affairs
ADL's Connecticut Regional Office maintains close ties to local, state and federal legislators, lobbies on pending state and federal legislation, holds meetings with elected officials to discuss issues of concern to ADL, and assists legislators by providing them with appropriate resources and programs. ADL nationally takes an active role in identifying emerging issues as they take place in Washington and helping to craft legislative and policy initiatives.
Speakers Bureau
ADL professionals are available to speak to community groups across the state concerning issues of both national and local concern that are pertinent to ADL's work.
Education Committee
ADL's Connecticut Education Committee consists of leadership interested and involved in developing and promoting ADL's innovative and unique anti-bias educational programming throughout the state. The Committee is designed to assist in evaluating new programmatic options, marketing existing programs, ensuring adequate funding for ADL educational programs, and expanding the agency's networking opportunities and collaborations around the state.
Glass Leadership Institute
Through the Glass Leadership Institute, ADL empowers its next generation of leaders. This nationally recognized leadership program provides a younger constituency with the tools to fight hatred and bigotry in their own communities by providing unique opportunities to explore ADL's global mission from an insider's perspective.
Names Can Really Hurt Us
Our signature anti-bias program is an effective model for building respectful high school communities, generating powerful student speakers and changing school environments by its profound effect on those who participate.
Civil Rights Commitee
The Connecticut Civil Rights Committee serves as a way to engage lay leaders with an interest in issues relating to ADL's civil rights agenda and to get them actively involved in ADL's work. The committee regularly addresses and debates substantive issues of interest to ADL, including the separation of church and state, free exercise of religion, discrimination and civil rights violations, immigration, hate crimes and extremism.
Monitoring Hate Groups
ADL investigators are considered the nation's leading experts on the activities of extremist organizations and individuals. The Connecticut Regional Office works closely with local, state and federal law enforcement officials throughout the state to alert them to the presence of extremists and hate groups and acts as a resource on the activities of those individuals and groups.
Interfaith Affairs
The Connecticut Regional Office regularly engages and works with local religious leaders to foster a deeper understanding of and respect between the interfaith communities of Connecticut, connecting with our partners of different faiths to address and respond to issues of mutual concern.
Security Awareness for Jewish Institutions
A longtime leader in security preparedness, ADL has developed a comprehensive approach to security for the Jewish community which uses a security awareness manual designed to help security planners at all types of institutions. The manual is designed to help institutions and congregants begin the process of thinking about security.
A Campus of Difference™
Full and half-day interactive training sessions for faculty, staff and campus leaders who actively promote an appreciation of cultural diversity and combat biased behavior on campus.
Law Enforcement Training
The Connecticut Regional Office has created strong partnerships with local, state and federal law enforcement departments, offering a variety of interactive training opportunities on hate crimes, terrorism and extremism, sharing monthly prepared bulletins and distributing useful ADL produced resource guides. Hate crimes training seminars offer instruction on the special nature of hate crimes, the legal and constitutional framework in which federal and state hate crime statues operate, and how to perform investigative and enforcement duties in a way that reassures the victims and helps alleviate community tensions and fear. Extremism training includes a powerful visual presentation on the trends in the region and the use of symbols and is designed to provide information about "real world" uses of right-wing hate symbols as tattoos, clothing, jewelry, graffiti, and more.
Religion in the Public Schools
When students encounter inappropriate or insensitive religious activity in their public schools the Connecticut Regional Office can provide guidance, resource materials and training to parents and students on ways to respond to these situations. The regional staff also provides materials in this area to school district personnel including superintendents, administrators, and teachers.
Echoes and Reflections
ADL, the USC Shoah Foundation Institute, and Yad Vashem jointly developed this multimedia Holocaust education curriculum for secondary school classrooms. It provides instruction on the history of the Holocaust within the context of contemporary issues of cultural diversity, intolerance and genocide.
A Passion for Justice: The Prudence Crandall Story
This inspiring program, presented to hundreds of middle and high schools in Connecticut, combines the power of the arts, the value of seeing a local historical figure as a role model for today’s students, and the call to action for students to take what they have learned and go out and make a difference. Because of the unique collaboration between ADL and Young Audiences of Connecticut, the state’s leading source of arts programming for school systems, ADL received the Arts Partner Award at Young Audiences’ 25th Anniversary event.
A Workplace of Difference™
Workplace programs may consist of half-day, full day, or multiple day training sessions designed for corporations, businesses, as well as government and law enforcement agencies. The CT Office collaborates with national A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute staff and The FutureWork Institute, Inc.(R) to offer workplace programs.

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