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Washington DC Corporate Partners Washington, DC Corporate Partners
Through the generosity of ADL’s Corporate Partners in the Washington, DC Region, we are able to sustain our award-winning programs to promote diversity in our community and to fight bias and prejudice in schools, on college campuses and in the workplace. ADL is the leading national provider of anti-bias and diversity programs that train people to recognize and combat stereotypes. Click through to see which companies share our commitment to diversity, equality and justice.
ADL In Concert Against Hate ADL In Concert Against Hate
ADL In Concert Against Hate is the Washington, DC region’s signature event at which we honor individuals who have demonstrated tremendous courage and determination in confronting hatred and intolerance.
Law Enforcement and Society
Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust is a one day training that highlights the core values of American law enforcement and their unique role as protectors of the Constitution and individual rights.
ATS logo 150 Advanced Training School™
The Advanced Training School™ (ATS) provides law enforcement executives and commanders from across the country with state-of-the-art training, information, resources and contacts to increase their capabilities in combating domestic and international terrorist threats.
National Counterterrorism Seminar in Israel
ADL’s National Counter-Terrorism Seminars (NCTS) bring American law enforcement executives and commanders to Israel to learn cutting edge strategies, tactics and information to combat terrorism from some of the world’s foremost experts with extensive first hand experience combating terrorism.
Young Professionals Division
The purpose of ADL's Washington, DC Young Professionals Division (YPD) is to advance the ultimate objectives of the Anti-Defamation League, with particular emphasis on outreach, education and advocacy within the local community.
Glass Leadership Institute
Through the Glass Leadership Institute, ADL empowers its next generation of leaders. This nationally recognized leadership program provides 25- to 40-year-olds with the tools to fight hatred and bigotry in their own communities by providing unique opportunities to explore ADL’s global mission from an insider’s perspective.
Bearing Witness™
Bearing Witness™ is a five-day regional conference that provides training and resources for Catholic school educators so they can effectively share the lessons of anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and modern-day prejudice with their students.
Echoes & Reflections Echoes and Reflections
Echoes and Reflections is a world-class multi-media curriculum on Holocaust education developed through a joint project between the Anti-Defamation League, Yad Vashem, and the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education.
Across our region, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute programs have trained students, educators, and community members with leadership skills to challenge prejudice and discrimination, to foster intergroup understanding, and to equip participants to live and work successfully and civilly in a diverse environment. Experiential, hands-on workshops address such issues as diversity in the classroom, name-calling and bullying, and cyberbullying.
National Youth Leadership Mission
Each year, delegations of student leaders travel to Washington, DC to attend the annual National Youth Leadership Mission. Beginning at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the delegates spend three and a half days studying the consequences of hatred and discrimination.
Confronting Anti-Semitism
The Confronting Anti-Semitism Program trains young people and their parents to confront real-life anti-Semitic incidents, to combat anti-Semitic myths with facts, and to respond effectively to hate-motivated occurrences. Confronting Anti-Semitism opens the lines of communication between parents and their children about the ongoing issue of anti-Semitism, and prepares families to challenge stereotypes wherever and whenever they occur.
Victim Assistance, Anti-Semitism and Hate Crimes
ADL is on the frontlines helping individuals line in climates free from intimidation and discrimination. Daily, we respond to requests for assistance with hate crime incidents, employment cases, education issues, and media concerns. Advocating on behalf of church-state separation and fair treatment for all, we work tirelessly to ensure our communities remain safe and free from anti-Semitism.

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