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Young Boy Inspired by No Place to Hate® Writes Diversity Poem

Date: June 24, 2013

Jake Zimelman, a 5th grade student at Pinecrest Elementary School in Miami, was so moved by ADL’s No Place for Hate® life-long lessons to prevent bullying and bias - that he expressed his heartfelt feelings in a powerful poem that captures the essence of promoting diversity.  Read Jake’s touching poem.



By Jake Zimelman


Walking to school, whether early or late

Every step that we take is for peace not for hate


Friends strolling together while in the hall

Where it doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall 


On the PE field you can lose or win

But it doesn’t depend on the shade of your skin


After-school clubs fill the kids with joy

The feeling’s the same with a girl or a boy


Our friendships here will never fade

We aren’t divided by age or grade


Students ask teachers for answers they seek

Who cares what language at home that they speak?


The parrot’s our mascot with colorful wings

Each person’s own difference is what our school brings


Pinecrest’s a place filled with love…not with hate

I’ll always love my school that I’ve helped create.





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