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Back to School Means Back to ADL Anti-Bullying Workshops

Date: August 12, 2013

As students prepare to return to school, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has already planned anti-bullying and prejudice-reduction workshops for students and teachers at over thirty schools and education centers across South Florida over the next three months.

Given the current reported trends of bullyingand cyberbullying in South Florida schools, ADL remains more committed than ever to raising awareness about identifying signs of bullying, preventing incidents of bullying, and empowering students, teachers and parents with the knowledge and tools to create bias-free zones in their school environments through its NoPlace for Hate® initiative.  No Place for Hate® organizes schools to develop projects that enhance the appreciation of diversity and foster harmony among diverse groups while challenging prejudice and bigotry.

“A little known fact is that 85% of youth who reported experiencing at least one incident of cyberbullying also reported experiencing at least one incident of bullying in school within the last year,” stated Hava Holzhauer, ADL Florida Regional Director.”[1] This disturbing statistic teaches us that our response to cyberbullying and bullying cannot be compartmentalized, and that the probability of being cyberbullied becomes considerably higher for those who are already bullied at school.  This is precisely why the expert training and resources that ADL provides to schools incorporates a blended approach to preventing both of these harmful and scarring trends.”

Over the years, ADL’s trainings, materials and intervention have helped countless students in South Florida to overcome harassment, and have taught other students not to remain silent bystanders in the face of bigotry and discrimination.

As school resumes this year, it’s important for parents, teachers and students to know that ADL’s resources are available online, through workshops and through dozens of bullying-reduction programs offered under the rubric of ADL’s A WORLD OFDIFFERENCE® Institute.


[1] In a Web-based survey of about 1,500 12- to 17-year-olds, 85% of youth who reported experiencing at least one incident of online bullying also reported experiencing at least one incident of bullying in school within the past year.  Hence, the probability of getting bullied online was substantially higher for those who were bullied in school.

Source: Juvonen, J. and Cross, E.F. 2008. Extending the School Grounds?- Bullying Experiences in Cyberspace. Journal of School Health 78: 496- 505.

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