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NYLM Grosfeld Family National Youth Leadership Mission
High school juniors have the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for 3 days to join over 100 students from across the country in a Mission to stop hatred. The teens visit the National Holocaust Memorial Museum, participate in a variety of anti-bias and diversity education activities, and meet with legislative representatives to explore the history of the Holocaust and find inspiration for moral courage in their own lives.
Confronting Anti-Semitism
In partnership with local synagogues, Jewish Federations, Jewish Day Schools and Hillels on Florida universities and college campuses, ADL trains and provides ongoing resources to students about to start college, or already in college, to identify and counter anti-Semitism through ADL’s “Confronting Anti-Semitism” workshops.
Intimidación y la Intimidación Cibernética: Estrategias y Recursos para Prevenirlas
El A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute de la ADL es líder en el desarrollo de capacitaciones, currículos y recursos para que los jóvenes, educadores, proveedores de servicios a los jovenes y adultos de la familia aprendan a combatir la intimidación y la intimidación cibernética.
Miller Early Childhood Initiative Miller Early Childhood Initiative
Research shows that by the preschool age, many children have begun to acquire negative feelings about themselves and others. These feelings need to be addressed so children can develop positive self-concepts and bias-free attitudes. The Miller Early Childhood Initiative provides anti-bias training and resources for the early childhood community.
A Cyberbullying Training Model for Middle and High School Students
Studies of Internet-using adolescents indicate that 43% of young people (over 10 million) have been the targets of cyberbullying and more than 10% (almost 3 million) have bullied others online. For some of these youth, online cruelty may be a precursor to more destructive behavior, including involvement in hate groups and bias-related violence.
Florida Corporate Partners Florida Centennial Corporate Partners
ADL is a national leader in providing anti-bias training through our A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute. Our award-winning education programs train people to recognize and combat stereotypes in schools, on college campuses, and in the workplace. In an effort to sustain our nationally recognized programs and initiatives, ADL develops Corporate Partnerships with organizations. Please join us as a Florida Corporate Partner to help support and sustain ADL’s comprehensive nationally recognized programs. Become a leader in the battle to promote diversity. Imagine what we could accomplish together.
Charitable Gift Annuities: A Gift To Consider In These Financial Times
An ADL Charitable Gift Annuity is a great way to fight anti-Semitism and protect future generations. The Anti-Defamation League Foundation offers some of the highest gift annuity rates available, with annual payments of up to 11.5 percent, depending on the donor’s age when the gift is established and when annuity payments begin.
Echoes and Reflections Echoes and Reflections
A Multi-Media Curriculum on the Holocaust, Echoes and Reflections provides middle and high school teachers with a comprehensive curriculum for teaching about the Holocaust. The curriculum is accompanied by a DVD containing visual history testimonies of survivors, liberators and rescuers. In Florida, nearly 2000 public and private school teachers have completed the “Echoes and Reflections” Teacher Training since 2005 and have incorporated “Echoes and Reflections” lessons in their classrooms, reaching over 250,000 students.
Bearing Witness Bearing Witness™
ADL’s Bearing Witness™ Program is a 3-day summer institute specifically for Catholic school educators that teaches about the Holocaust and the role of the Catholic Church during WWII. This interfaith program helps strengthen Jewish-Christian relations through education and dialogue. Educators receive Holocaust resources and materials to use in their classrooms.
Security Awareness for Jewish Institutions
A longtime leader in security preparedness, the ADL Florida Office works closely with Jewish institutions in Florida to encourage them to have adequate protection, by providing practical advice on security concerns to synagogues and other Jewish institutions.
The Anti-Defamation League’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute programs provide hands-on training in Florida to help children and adults challenge prejudice and discrimination and learn to live and work successfully and civilly in an increasingly diverse world.
No Place for Hate No Place for Hate®
ADL is proud to begin its No Place For Hate® campaign in the Florida Region. No Place for Hate® was developed to organize schools to work together and develop projects that enhance the appreciation of diversity and foster harmony amongst diverse groups. The campaign empowers schools to promote respect for individual and group differences while challenging prejudice and bigotry.
ADL Summer Associate Research Program
ADL offers an annual Summer Associate Research Program (SARP) for South Florida law firms. Law students/summer associates are supervised by attorneys at their firms as they complete pro bono legal research on cutting edge civil rights issues facing the ADL. This research serves as a critical resource for ADL's advocacy year round.
Speakers Bureau
ADL has well-versed, knowledgeable and dynamic speakers that can address your synagogue, organization, school, firm or club with timely updates about issues of interest to the Jewish community and beyond.

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