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Sills Family/Glass Leadership Institute
The Sills Family/Glass Leadership Institute (GLI) is a ten-month program designed to educate a select group of dynamic young adults in their mid-20's to early 40's about the crucial work of ADL. The Institute provides a series of intensive, stimulating, informative and interactive seminars on hate crimes, terrorism, extremism, global anti-Semitism, separation of Church and State, Israel advocacy, government affairs, anti-bias training, and Holocaust education.
Emerging Leaders Division
The Emerging Leaders Division (ELD) is a new initiative created and led by volunteers and lay leaders to engage Sills Family/Glass graduates ages 25-45 in continued involvement with the ADL. After young leaders learn about the important work of the ADL through the leadership institute, ELD provides an opportunity to recruit and sustain future leaders of the League. Launching in the Fall of 2013, ELD will evolve with the interests and needs of the group and within the community.
ADL's A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute offers anti-bias and diversity education, training and materials for educators, staff, students, families, and community leaders to counter prejudice and bigotry, as well as promote positive human relations through increased knowledge and understanding. A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute programs include: The Miller Early Childhood Initiative; Anti-Bias Teacher Training; Becoming an Ally: Interrupting Name Calling and Bullying; Trickery, Trolling and Threats: Understanding and Addressing Cyberbullying; Cyberbullying: Focus on the Legal Issues; Identification & Recognition of Hate-Motivated Behavior; Youth & Family Service Program; Peer Leadership Program; Peer Training Program.
Confronting Anti-Semitism
One of ADL's longest-standing community education programs, Confronting Anti-Semitism is offered in two formats in the Michigan Region. One teaches youth groups and synagogue students in grades 6 through 11 about the history of anti-Semitism and how to respond to modern-day anti-Semitism. The other provides seniors at Jewish schools or Jewish youth groups with tools for responding to anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activities they may encounter on college campuses. Every program is tailored to the specific audience and community. In addition to interactive training, ADL provides participants with numerous ADL resources. This program has been updated for the fall of 2014.
Holocaust Education
The Michigan Region hosts in-depth Holocaust education seminars for educators and community members. ADL and the Archdiocese of Detroit have sent educators to Bearing Witness™, a national educational workshop to provide Catholic school educators tools to teach about anti-Semitism, the history of Jewish-Catholic relations, the Holocaust, and bigotry in contemporary society.
Protecting our Religious Community
ADL Michigan Region informs religious institutions of security issues through security briefings and alerts. We assist victims of anti-Semitism or discrimination based on any religion. ADL works with local elected officials, the media, law enforcement, government agencies, school districts, colleges and universities on issues of concern to the Jewish and civil rights communities.
Victim Assistance
ADL evaluates discrimination complaints for victims of discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, gender, disability or sexual orientation.
Government Affairs
ADL Michigan Region maintains close ties to local, state and federal legislators, lobbies on pending legislation, organizes meetings with elected officials to discuss issues of concern to ADL, and assists legislators with resources and programs.
Speakers Bureau
The Speakers Bureau provides speakers to community and educational groups in Michigan. Speakers are committed ADL activists who reach out to members of the community, heightening their awareness of important issues and providing information on topics of concern to ADL. Contact the Michigan Region office if you would like to arrange a speaker for a social club or community group.
Law Enforcement Outreach and Training
ADL provides resources and training to local, state and federal law enforcement on the threats of extremism and terrorism. Special updates are sent to our law enforcement partners about extremism groups and individuals, hate crimes, tattoo and symbol recognition, and cross-jurisdictional matters.

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