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Volunteer Opportunities
ADL is looking for talented, passionate people who want to make a difference today…and tomorrow! As a volunteer, you will be part of a team of staff and volunteers working together to accomplish ADL’s work.

Boulder Steering Committee
The Boulder Steering Committee (BSC) is an instrumental component of ADL's work in Boulder; members assist in setting priorities and play key roles in ongoing projects. Current BSC sub-committees include: City Relations, Development, Education, and Young Leadership Circle.

Civil Rights Committee
The Civil Rights Committee (including its two Task Forces on Religious Liberty and GLBT Issues) assesses and recommends policies, develops programs, builds coalitions, advocates, and writes op-eds or letters to the editors. The committee also selects the recipient(s) of the annual ADL Civil Rights Award.

Education Committee
The Education Committee is responsible for supporting ADL's education, youth programs, such as the Robert B. Sturm Youth Leadership Mission to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute programming, and other diversity and anti-bias programs.

Glass Partners in Leadership Institute
This one-year leadership program was created to involve men and women, ages 25-40ish, who are committed to ADL’s mission “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people …to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” The Institute combines educational programming about the substantive issues of ADL’s agenda with active participation in ADL’s working committees to give participants the opportunity to become ADL leaders in the community.

Government Affairs Committee
The Government Affairs Committee advocates for ADL’s policy agenda at the local, state and national level, by writing letters, meeting with government and elected officials, and testifying before legislative bodies. It also presents candidate and issue forums before elections.

How to Help
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