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ADL Supports House Bill 1080 to Restore Colorado's Ban on Religious Discrimination

Date: January 30, 2008

The Anti-Defamation League's Mountain States Region announced its support for Colorado House Bill 1080, which is intended to reinstate Colorado's ban on religious discrimination when religious organizations run government-sponsored, taxpayer-funded programs.

Today, ADL Regional Director Bruce H. DeBoskey issued the following statement:

"House Bill 1080 starts with a simple premise: taxpayer funds should not be used for religious discrimination. When the government is funding a program, there should be no religious test for employees hired to provide those services, whether the program is run by a religious organization or a secular one.

"House Bill 1080 will restore the pre-2007 law: religious organizations that run government programs cannot use that money to discriminate against employees or potential employees based upon their faith." 

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