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Security Awareness Seminars
Given the heightened concern over security, ADL has developed a comprehensive approach to security for the Jewish community which uses a security awareness manual designed to help security planners at all types of institutions. The manual is designed to help institutions and congregants begin the process of thinking about security.
Religion in the Public Schools
When students encounter inappropriate or insensitive religious activity in their public schools the New Jersey office can provide guidance, resource materials and training to parents and students on ways to respond to these situations. The regional staff will provide materials to school district personnel including superintendents, administrators, and teachers.
Echoes and Reflections
ADL offers trainings for educators on the award winning multimedia curriculum on the Holocaust which was developed by ADL in partnership with the Shoah Foundation Institute and Yad Vashem. Through the study of Holocaust, the curriculum helps students connect history with contemporary issues and inspires them to confront racism and discrimination they face in their own lives.
Summer Associates Program
The program, a partnership between private New Jersey law firms and ADL, provides law firm summer associates with the opportunity to engage in significant research on key civil rights issues of the day. Throughout the summer, the law associates are supervised by partners within their firms and consult with the League's staff attorneys on creating a body of research on topics specified by ADL.
Law Enforcement Training
The New Jersey Office of the Anti-Defamation League provides training for law enforcement on hate crimes, extremism and hate groups. Trainings can be tailored to suit the needs of the group.
Confronting Anti-Semitism
This program empowers the Jewish community to respond to anti-Semitic incidents and to challenge the persistent anti-Semitic stereotypes that are often at the root of these incidents. Customized to meet the needs of various audiences, our interactive Confronting Anti-Semitism workshops help Jewish youth, family members, teachers, and community members to explore and strengthen their Jewish identity, confront insensitive or hateful comments, challenge anti-Semitic myths with facts and respond effectively to hate-motivated incidents.
Investigating Discrimination
The New Jersey office is the “911” for individuals who believe they are experiencing discrimination or are concerned about possible civil rights violations. While we do not provide direct legal services, ADL works to resolve complaints through the force of the organization’s long established credential in this area.
Monitoring Hate Groups
ADL investigators are considered the nation’s leading experts on the activities of extremist organizations and individuals. The New Jersey Regional office works closely with local law enforcement officials throughout the state to alert them to the presence of extremists and hate groups and acts as a resource on the activities of those individuals and groups.
Speakers Bureau
ADL professionals are available to speak to community groups across the state for a local angle on any of the myriad issues that the organization deals with on a daily basis.
The New Jersey regional office is one of the providers of ADL’s internationally acclaimed diversity training program, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE INSTITUTE®. We conduct anti-bullying and anti-bias programs for elementary, middle and high schools across the state.

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