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SosĂșa: Dare to Dance Together

Latino and Jewish High School Students Dare to Dance Together

Date: November 13, 2012

On November 12th, nearly 80 guests joined the New York ADL in commemorating Kristallnacht and continuing our ¡Celebraté! programs celebrating ties between the Jewish people and the Spanish speaking world for a performance of the play Sosúa: Dare to Dance Together.

Performed by Jewish and Latino high-school actors, the play tells the story of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany who were granted asylum by the Dominican Republic while the country was simultaneously conducting ethnic cleansing of its Haitian population.

The play was sponsored as part of the New York ADL’s ¡Celebraté! programming, an ongoing series of events geared at celebrating cultural ties and common ground between the Jewish people and Spanish speaking communities.  The New York ADL also hosts a Latino-Jewish Roundtable that brings together leaders in the Latino and Jewish communities to discuss issues of common importance and work together on items of concern to both communities.

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